Clean and Unclean?

The Bible talks a great deal about purity laws; the idea of being clean or unclean. This concept is not very familiar to us today and it raises a number of questions. What exactly did it mean to be clean or unclean? What caused a person to be unclean? How did a person get clean again? What was the downside of being unclean? Was it a sin to be unclean?

What the Bible means by clean and unclean

The terms clean and unclean aren’t referring to how clean or dirty a person or thing is. Rather, it is a concept related to a person’s (or object’s) fitness or suitability for engaging in Tabernacle/Temple activities.

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I Want My Sins To Be Erased!


If you have read the three prior articles (Separated from God, What is Sin?, Can I Escape Eternal Death?) then you understand that our wrongdoings (sins) prevent us from going to Heaven to live forever. You should also understand that God has made a way for your sins to be erased. In order for God to forgive your spiritual crimes and then completely forget that you ever committed them, you must become a follower of Jesus. If you become a follower of Jesus, He will save you from the penalty of your spiritual crimes.

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