I Don’t Need Scholars, I Just Read The Bible!

(Genesis Study Series)

If you’ve been reading along in this series about the opening chapters of Genesis, by now you are probably wondering who came up with all this “new” information about the creation account. Someone might be thinking, “What strange interpretation is this about a ‘functional creation’ and ‘cosmic temple’? I’ve never heard this before and my Bible teachers never mentioned any of this. This is just the result of a bunch of egghead seminary scholars sitting around navel-gazing and coming up with some preposterous theory, or perhaps, heresy!

There is a reluctance on the parts of some Christians to accept anything they’ve never heard about the Bible before. This is especially true if some new idea comes by way of a Bible scholar. A pastor friend of mine has shared with me that it is not unusual among some congregations to require ministers they hire to have a graduate degree from a seminary, yet are skeptical of what their pastor teaches. He has gone to school and had his head filled with strange notions and is now viewed with suspicion because he is “too educated.”

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