The Immortal Soul? Part 5: Prooftexts or Proof Missing?


Many Christians believe the human soul is inherently immortal – that we have an undying, spiritual essence that consciously survives bodily death to live on eternally. This idea is so widely accepted that it’s rarely questioned. However, as we’ve explored in previous articles, the biblical concept of the “soul” encompasses the whole living being, not just an immaterial part that separates from the body after death. The soul is our entire self – our inseparable physical and spiritual nature as created by God. A number of prooftexts are often presented in which people see evidence of an immortal soul. Do these verses teach what people claim?

In examining what the Bible teaches about the soul and the afterlife, we must be careful not to let Platonic philosophical concepts, no matter how widely accepted, cloud our interpretation. Greek notions of an immortal, separable soul deeply infiltrated both Jewish and Christian thought in the centuries after the New Testament’s completion. But if we want to understand Scripture correctly, we need to diligently read it through the original Hebrew cultural lens, not the later imposed lens of Greek dualism.

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Posted by Eddie Lawrence in Afterlife, Immortality