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Eddie Lawrence on the Mount of Olives

My name is Eddie Lawrence; welcome to my blog! I live in central Kentucky with my wife Melinda. With the exception of four years in the US Army, I have lived in this area all my life. We have two children, both married, and one grandson who makes me smile on the inside and outside.  

Ready4Eternity is a collection of posts documenting my own personal studies which might be of interest to others. I attempt to be an independent thinker in terms of biblical matters. My goal is to understand the Bible in its ancient context. It is my firm conviction that we cannot know what the Scriptures mean to us until we understand what they meant to the original biblical authors and readers.

Bible students should be able to give “book, chapter, and verse” for their biblical conclusions. None of this is an easy task and is more of a journey than a destination. My aim is to search for the truth and to be willing to follow the truth wherever it may lead.

You may contact me by email: [email protected]. I’ll respond as soon as time permits.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, the conclusions, opinions, and ponderings expressed on this website are not intended to represent anyone’s views except my own. 

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