Churchy Words: Repent

Nearly every group, profession, guild, etc. has their own insider language which they understand amongst themselves, but sounds like gibberish to outsiders. Likewise, Christians have their own insider language which can sound really strange to new Christians and non-Christians alike. These “churchy words” are increasingly unfamiliar to a society that is no longer biblically literate and is largely secularized. 

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I Want My Sins To Be Erased!


If you have read the three prior articles (Separated from God, What is Sin?, Can I Escape Eternal Death?) then you understand that our wrongdoings (sins) prevent us from going to Heaven to live forever. You should also understand that God has made a way for your sins to be erased. In order for God to forgive your spiritual crimes and then completely forget that you ever committed them, you must become a follower of Jesus. If you become a follower of Jesus, He will save you from the penalty of your spiritual crimes.

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